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"Show me the manner in which a nation cares for its dead and I will measure with mathematical exactness the tender mercies of its people, their respect for the laws of the land and their loyalty to high ideals."

— Four-time British Prime Minister William Gladstone.

For those facing a new, ongoing or historical victim identification project, we can help.

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Gene Codes Corporation was founded in 1988, and the company’s DNA sequencing software was a cornerstone to the original international Human Genome Project, used by almost every major pharmaceutical, genomics and research institution in the world. Forensics was once a very small part of the company’s focus. Thirteen years after the first company was founded, Gene Codes Forensic was formed for the unprecedented human identification needs created by the attack on the twin towers of New York’s World Trade Center on 9/11, 2001.

Scientists, aid agencies and policymakers around the world use the tools, resources and consulting of Gene Codes Forensics. These are our clients, but we never forget that our company mission is one that we share with those clients. Most often, that mission is to provide dignity and respect for the dead and for those who loved them. We consider it a duty and an honor to use our skills and technology to help people who are not empowered to help themselves. In some cases, by fulfilling that mission, the people who make up the staff at Gene Codes Forensics not only ease the pain of survivors, but are privileged to support the cause of justice.



Gene Code Forensics is a proud to partner with DNA ProKids, working to detect, deter and interdict child trafficking around the world. M-FISys has state-of-the-art tools for securely and confidentially sharing anonymized subsets of a DNA database between users in different laboratories and different jurisdictions. This unique capability in M-FISys makes it the ideal software system for the kind of international collaboration needed to combat this kind of crime. It is an honor to support the DNA ProKids team collaborators in their important work.

DNA ProKids



GCF GrantsGene Codes Forensics has established a corporate grant fund to support humanitarian efforts in Human Identification [HID] using DNA technology. For information and application materials, click here


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